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Running a youth sports season can be stressful. From registrations to invoicing to running a season—you're extremely busy. That's why SportsEngine is excited to share our latest financial tools on SportsEngine HQ.

What's new with SportsEngine HQ Financials?

Watch as product champions Shawn Heller and Marie Fitzgerald walk through step-by-step how to utilize our latest financial tools to your league's advantage. Learn how to get your financial tools set up and gain insights for the end of the season. In addition, learn how to refund, take offline payments, and manage your overall reporting. 

"My role today is to help connect the dots on our financial system, so you can make the most of your season," says Shawn Heller.

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Live questions from the event

You asked, and we're here to answer.

Invoicing & Payments

Are you able to apply a credit before the first invoice is sent?

At this time, you can only apply for credit after the invoice is sent. You can either send an invoice with the adjusted/credited amount due or jump in and apply for the credit after sending the invoice. Learn more

Can you remove credit card fees for anyone paying by echeck?

Processing fees will not be removed—they are the same rate for any online transaction.

Can you add another installment to an invoice already sent?

At this time, we can't add additional installments to a sent invoice. You can push out the due date for remaining installment(s) or send a new invoice with the adjusted installment dates.

How can teams pass credit card charges onto the paying customers?

The customer or the organization can pay processing fees. In a monetary registration, this setting can be changed per form in Edit Registration > Show Advanced Options.To set your organization's default option for online fees, update HQ > Settings > Financial Settings. Read more here

How do you remove an old bank account?

We are currently working on updating this feature. Currently, we recommend changing the nickname to 'do not use' and adding a new account. Here's how

Is it still only possible to pay offline in amounts that are full payment amounts?

 Yes, you can apply a credit to reduce the future amount to be collected. The pay offline button will be the remaining amount due or the next installment (if on payment terms). 

Is it possible to allow the user to pay offline via check on the auto payment screen that shows on the checkout screen?

Yes—the user would need a discount code to waive the online fee. You can select ‘bank account’ at the checkout screen and use our integration with Plaid to pay via check for one-time or recurring payments.

If you have open items from previous season, is there a way to clear those out that will not affect the financials?

Yes! You can apply credit to cancel an unpaid installment so it no longer shows as an overdue/failed payment.

When an invoice is sent, but not paid within the payment terms, will the system automatically send a reminder invoice?

Yes! A series of automated reminders are sent, approaching the payment due date and after the invoice is labeled "past due."

Quickbooks Integration

Can we get some information on QuickBooks Connect? We'd like to know how the mapping works.

Absolutely! Check out this article for more information. 

What if we can't see the Quickbooks tab in our settings?

Quickbooks Integration is available for SportsEngine Premium and Pro packages. If you are looking to upgrade, submit a request to [email protected], or fill out the form in this article.




Does payout export include SKUs?

Yes! For reporting on SKUs dive into your Sales Item Report, here.

How do I run a report on payouts by date for each registration?

The Payments report, still in beta, allows you to export all transactions over a date period and you can sort/filter by source (registration).  Learn more on how to run a payout reporthere.

Is it best to set up a SKU so that it indicates each level of player or so that it indicates the name of the season?

It depends on how detailed you want to get in your analysis. If you don't need anything other than program info, it's not as important. If you want to get down to the level of team insight, then creating separate items with unique SKUs would be the best practice.

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